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As parents, we worry about our kids and your kids. That’s why we’ve built stringent safety measures into everything we do at GoKart.

It all starts with the fact that this is a service designed to carry kids. From the way we recruit and screen GoKart Drivers, to our GoKartRules, safety is kind of our obsession. If we wouldn’t trust them to drive our own kids, we won’t put yours in their care. Parents are asked to download the free Family Map app that allows the parents to see where their children are at all times during the ride. They will even get a notification that they have arrived at their destination.


All of GoKart’s drivers have at least 5 years childcare experience and love kids! All drivers are interviewed, background checked, reference checked and interviewed by our senior team. DMV records are checked and will use only drivers with a clean record and current drivers license. Vehicles are inspected and must be newer that 2008.


Drivers will have a GoKart logo sticker on our front passenger-side window, easily viewed by passengers. Only drivers posses this special logo and must have at all times.